Daily Stoic Entry #119: What Do I Feel When I Look Up at The Sky?

April 29th, 2022

Follow along with my personal daily stoic journal, unfiltered, unedited (except for some spelling mistakes).

Morning Reflection:

Depending on the day I feel emptiness, sadness, or joy, openness, space. In some of the rare meditative states I have I feels as one with the sky. Specifically, when the weather is good and I'm laying down on my back in the garden.

Evening Reflection:

Another thing I feel is quiet. A momentary pause from the daily noise and grind, the hustle and bustle. Realizing this now I pause and look at the sky too little, we all should take a good look at nature more often. Just to look not for any reason other than to just hit the pause button for a second.

Title prompts are taken from The Daily Stoic Journal by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman.



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Dennis Greenwood

Dennis Greenwood


Data Analyst/BI Consultant by day, writer by night. Figuring out life one day at a time. Writing about my discoveries. Trying to find my place in the world.