Daily Stoic Entry #27: What Am I Studying, Practicing, and Training?

January 27th 2022

Follow along with my personal daily stoic journal, unfiltered, unedited (except for some spelling mistakes).

Morning Reflection:

I'm studying myself. I'm practicing my sports so I have a stronger body. For I believe a stronger body can help me overcome mental blocks. I'm also studying to be better at work, it lacks a bit of real urgency but I'm doing it regardless.

"Be quiet, work hard, and stay healthy. It's not ambition or skill that is going to set you apart but sanity" — Ryan Holiday

Take care of yourself, practice mindfulness and stop being so hard on yourself. You're making more progress in these months than you give yourself credit for.

Evening Reflection:

The most important study, practice, and training to do is to let go and become more of yourself. All other things are small stepping stones to that realization. Better skills, health, all that should be aimed toward that goal of self-actualization.

Title prompts are taken from The Daily Stoic Journal by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman.



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