Daily Stoic Entry #67: Am I Protecting My Time and Attention?

March 8th 2022

Follow along with my personal daily stoic journal, unfiltered, unedited (except for some spelling mistakes).

Morning Reflection:

Not well enough, there's a sense of lack of direction recently which makes it of course so much it easier to get distracted. Too much Netflix, stuff like that. Also a lack of activities with friends, so you fill the time with pseudo relationships on television. I need to protect my time and attention from these surface level engagements. It would be better to spend more time on your hobbies, those meaningful hobbies that give you pleasure, flow, and allows you to get better at something.

Evening Reflection:

The problem is in that directionlessness. I want to do more meaningful things with my time and attention. But I don't have anything worthwhile to pursue instead. Looking for something that fulfills me a bit more than I feel like at the moment. And then the whole void of dating on top of that nags at you. Ironically these doubts and worries syphon your time and attention too. Moreso your peace of mind.

Title prompts are taken from The Daily Stoic Journal by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman.



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Dennis Greenwood

Dennis Greenwood

Data Analyst/BI Consultant by day, writer by night. Figuring out life one day at a time. Writing about my discoveries. Trying to find my place in the world.