Daily Stoic Entry #95: What Would Happen If I Stopped to Verify My Opinions and Initial Reactions?

April 5th, 2022

Follow along with my personal daily stoic journal, unfiltered, unedited (except for some spelling mistakes).

Morning Reflection:

Pause. You find a moment of pause, by not responding right away, you give yourself time and space to think. That time takes away the initial stress from having to act right away. There lies the opportunity to make better decisions. Give your rational mind an opportunity to think through the situation. The best tool for this is sitting in silence by yourself.

Evening Reflection:

But you see one of the things Ive found out about myself is that I tend to overthink too much. In fact, I too often think through emotions rather than really feel them. Especially the positive ones. So, there’s a bit of a double-edged sword. Yes, you need some space to think and react properly, but you don’t have to let it deprive you of the real joys of things like love and all the other positive feelings.

Title prompts are taken from The Daily Stoic Journal by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman.



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Dennis Greenwood

Dennis Greenwood

Data Analyst/BI Consultant by day, writer by night. Figuring out life one day at a time. Writing about my discoveries. Trying to find my place in the world.