Daily Stoic Entry #97: Where Are My Opinions Part of The Problem?

April 7th, 2022

Follow along with my personal daily stoic journal, unfiltered, unedited (except for some spelling mistakes).

Morning Reflection:

For most things, the problematic opinion is the one you form about something or someone before you've engaged with it or them. This habit is in all of us, and it often stokes fear and discourages us from taking proper and good action. It also prevents us from learning, a fully formed and tightly held opinion is hard to dislodge, closing you off to new thoughts.

Evening Reflection:

I think this morning I've said most of what I can say on the subject for me personally. It bears repeating; keep yourself open and don't form opinions about matters before they happen. Moreover, examine our tendency to form opinions about things that do not matter. Some things don't deserve the mental energy you spend on them.

Title prompts are taken from The Daily Stoic Journal by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman.



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Dennis Greenwood

Dennis Greenwood


Data Analyst/BI Consultant by day, writer by night. Figuring out life one day at a time. Writing about my discoveries. Trying to find my place in the world.